Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Medical Web Sites Pass Physical Commission Accredits Popular Online Health Sites

Google targets catalog business

PayPal aims to raise $63.3 million in IPO

World's funniest joke
Internet Scout Weblog

Experiment to find the world's funniest joke

Publicly accessible image files
The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk

We've just moved from to
The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk

Find attorney information from a variety of sources
The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk

Suspect Claims Al Qaeda Hacked Microsoft

Search 20,000 Web shopping sites and mail order catalogs

Official site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games
What's GNU?

National Address Server
What's GNU?

Country search engines and regional search engines
Translators' site du jour

Send free faxes via the Web
Linky & Dinky

News of top Web launches
Linky & Dinky

Clicking on what you've got and we'll show you what you can cook
Internet News with Charles Bowen
Jay Kegley, a reference librarian in Central Ohio, has been building his checklist of where to look for the best Web content since November 1998. That month, he attended Information Today's Internet Librarian Conference and was inspired to begin reading the University of Wisconsin's weekly Scout Report. From there he has steadily added web site reviews to his source list and now checks about 30 review sites each week. He also scours major online magazine and newspaper indexes in his search for the top Web content of the week.