Saturday, August 31, 2002

EURWEB: Headlines: COOL J AND DOUG E. FRESH PUT IN KIDS WORK: Rappers go after a new audience. Book publisher Scholastic is scheduled to launch a new book and CD series titled "Hip Kid Hop." A children's book, aimed at kids 4-10, will be paired with a two-track CD that includes rap versions of the story performed by a popular hip-hop artist as well as a music-only track so the children can rap along
Simon & Schuster claims author is not Gambino grandson. - Aug. 29, 2002 - Book publisher Simon & Schuster is suing Michael Pellegrino over a $500,000 book contract, alleging that Pellegrino is not the illegitimate grandson of the late Mafia boss Carlo Gambino, as he had claimed, a newspaper reported Thursday.
Internet Webpages Newspaper Launches Nationwide Internet Webpages Newspaper, a quarterly printed web guide directory, is set for national release.
Web Based Ticker of Amber Alert System Announced Called Code Amber, by adding a single line of code to their web pages, web site owners may now display active Amber Alerts to their site visitors.
Welcome to TODAY'S FRONT PAGES The Newseum's popular exhibit, "Today's Front Pages" is now available online. Select a region and see the newspapers that are available.
Ohioans Gain Access to Millions of Articles Online Every person in the state, young or old, can now access the same expansive collection of online journals, magazines, and research databases. Releases New Version of it's Essay Database The idea that students can simply find, download and hand in their homework is a recipe that is attracting over 6,000 visitors a day.
NetHistory v2.0: Main Welcome to NetHistory, the most comprehensive directory of links (250 and counting) to information about the history of the Internet, World Wide Web, Usenet, as well as related concepts such as email, browsers, online games and BBSs.
Santa Rosa Learning Center Library The Santa Rosa Learning Center Branch Library opened April 16. This 8,400 square foot branch library represents a new format for the system, as a book-less branch offering electronic access to information and web-based resources, with more than 30 computers available to the public. - Prosecutor: Al-Qaeda targeted towers in early 2000 "There will be thousands of dead. You will all think of me," Marwan Al-Shehhi, a member of a Hamburg terror cell, told a librarian in April or May of 2000.
Beloit College Releases the Class of 2004 Mindset List For the fifth year, Beloit College, the liberal arts college in Beloit, Wisconsin, is distributing the Mindset List to its faculty and staff as an indicator of the many ways in which entering 17 and 18 year-olds see the world differently from their professors, coaches and mentors. Technology | Meet Mr. Anti-Google What is the truth according to Brandt? Google's PageRank algorithm, the celebrated system by which Google orders search results, is not, as Google says, "uniquely democratic" -- it's "uniquely tyrannical." PageRank is the "opposite of affirmative action," he has written, meaning that the system discriminates against new Web sites and favors established sites. More than that, says Brandt, Google is a careless custodian of private information. When you search for something at Google, it saves your search terms and associates them with a cookie that is set to live on your machine for 36 years.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Check the Grid - Movie Reviews We've actually read 9,964 of the latest movie reviews from across the country and converted all the stars and thumbs to a simple rating system.
Sign in - Yahoo! Bookmarks Save and access your favorite sites with Yahoo! Bookmarks so you can access them from any computer.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002 ::: Fight your Parking Tickets online! will completely and thoroughly analyze your ticket for defects.
Signing on AOL is easy; getting off is a pain - 2002-08-19 - Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) But I suspect AOL's true secret advantage is an ancient marketing ritual detailed in the 1976 Eagles‚ song "Hotel California:" "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." - College radio losing its grip on the Net In June, the U.S. Copyright Office issued rates for royalties that Webcasters must pay music labels and musicians for sound recordings. The minimum is $500 a year but fees are retroactive to 1998, and many college station's simply can't afford the assessments of at least $2,000.
Finance: Nearly 40 Percent of Home Buyers Use Web Nearly four in 10 buyers now use the Internet to shop for their next home, according to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). But now there's another consequence of the tech bust: Enrollment growth in undergraduate computer science departments has come to a halt.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

SearchDay - Battling Information Overload - 21 August 2002 Searchers can fight information overload in two ways -- at the source and with tools and techniques that cut down on the amount of information we wade through.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Outlet Bound Guide to outlet centers and factory stores.
United States Historical Census Data Browser The data presented here describe the people and the economy of the US for each state and county from 1790 to 1960.
GoogleMail Just email and put the text of your query in the "Subject" line. You'll receive your search results via email.

Friday, August 23, 2002

SearchDay - News Sites Beat Search Engines in Customer Satisfaction - 20 August 2002 The University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reports that users are happier with news and information sites than search engines or portals -- and predicts the demise of several laggards.
SearchDay - Shorten Those Links! - 19 August 2002 These services take long URLs and create short versions pointing to the same page -- for free.
Publishers' Catalogue Home Page Directory of more than 7000 publishers world-wide listing publishers by topic or location
You Are Where You Live Describes every U.S. neighborhood in terms of 62 distinct lifestyle types BoardReader was developed to address the shortcomings of current search engine technology to accurately find and display information contained on the Web's forums and message boards.

Thursday, August 22, 2002 Online credit card directory

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

BBC NEWS | Technology | FBI warns about wireless craze The idea behind warchalking is to use a standardised set of symbols to mark the existence of wireless networks that anyone can use to go online.
Don't Link to Us! Don't Link to Us! links to sites that attempt to impose substantial restrictions on other sites that link to them.

Monday, August 19, 2002

The Nando Times: 'Huge toxic cloud' threatens southern Asia, scientists say The scientists say more research is needed but that some trends are clear. Respiratory illness appears to be increasing along with the pollution in densely populated South Asia, with one study suggesting the 500,000 premature deaths annually in India.
eBook Locator - Powered by OverDrive Welcome to eBookLocator where you can search through a database of thousands of eBooks! Get the latest reviews, excerpts and author bios -- plus availability at leading retail sites
Statements by Company CEOs and CFOs Companies whose CEOs and CFOs are required to file sworn statements with the Commission are listed below.
Census Bureau - POPClocks The U.S. POPClock has been recalibrated to be consistent with Census 2000 data released on 12/28/2000.
VRD- AskA Locator: By Subject Please remember that the Virtual Reference Desk does not actually answer questions, but provides resources and links to experts that offer these services.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

ZDNet: Story: 3 easy ways to kill pop-up ads while you surf Here are three downloads that will help you surf the Web without interruption.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics U.S. consumers spent $675 million for online content in 2001, a 92 percent increase over the previous calendar year.
Tadoos Get paid up to £800 or $1270 for having a unique, non-permanent advertisement tattooed on your body using Timed Tattoo Technology ™.
The ultimate lyrics search engine with over 100,000 songs Find a song by Song Lyrics Artist or Album. Searching 1,834,923 song lyrics
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - What eBay Isn't Telling You How could so many people have turned over so much money to a man they knew only through an online auction, without any proof that they'd receive merchandise in return -- or even that the merchandise existed?
Deep Linking Some court decisions have made it illegal for one Web site to link directly to a single page within a larger Web site.
World INS limits entry from Mideast countries: Saudis not affected Officials said the greatest restrictions will be imposed on those who seek to enter the United States from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria. They said the new regulations will begin by October.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US adviser warns of Armageddon One of the Republican party's most respected foreign policy gurus yesterday appealed for President Bush to halt his plans to invade Iraq, warning of "an Armageddon in the Middle East". The outspoken remarks from Brent Scowcroft, who advised a string of Republican presidents, including Mr Bush's father, represented an embarrassment for the administration on a day it was attempting to rally British public support for an eventual war.
INDUSTRYWEEK COLUMN -- Viewpoint -- Personal Computing: You Get What You Pay For Regarding Business Research Sometimes it pays to hire a professional, or at least buy quality content
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - Cheat Sheet: A Civilian's Guide to the Economy Here's a breakdown of the key economic indicators -- the ones that Wall Street, Alan Greenspan, and the producers of CNBC pore over
Pew Internet & American Life Project The Digital Disconnect: The widening gap between Internet-savvy students and their schools
Singingfish - Find audio and video. Find audio and video.
Operation Paperback grassroots organization of family, friends and web friends who collect gently used paperback books and send them to American troops deployed overseas.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Online Distant Learning Education Universities - Accredited Associates, MBA, & Master's Degree Courses from University of Phoenix, Ashworth College, AIU and Devry University, and more. Due to rapid technological change and shifting market conditions, the American education system is challenged with providing increased educational opportunities without increased budgets. Many educational institutions are answering this challenge by developing distance education programs. Online Distant Universities is a comprehensive guide to some of the best distance learning programs, resources, links, and information the web.
Antiques price guides Price guides and resources for appraising and determining the value of your antiques and collectibles.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002 Technology | The media titans still don't get it To paraphrase James Carville: It's the users, stupid!

Sunday, August 11, 2002 Technology | "Buy, Lie and Sell High" The net effect, Mills says, was a massive redistribution of wealth from the hands of the many ordinary -- or "retail" investors -- to the pockets of financial insiders, venture capitalists and the moneyed elite.
BatchTrace Features BatchTrace currently includes more than 3.5 billion name/address records compiled from hundreds of independent sources, including: pizza delivery.
freeware downloads: Popup Blockers - free software brought to you by, the largest download site for Windows Internet tools. Popup Blockers
BizReport Ranking particular websites by paid subscribers, a 2002 study from Intermarket Group puts in eighth place with 640,000 subscribers following after American Greetings Corp.'s websites with a collective 1.4 million subscribers and with 1.6 million subscribers.
Specialty Search Engines For those times when you want to find more than just web pages and web sites, some of the "specialty search engines" below will prove useful.

Friday, August 09, 2002

Digital Reference Primer This resource is intended to provide a basic, general introduction to digital reference services.
Consumer Guide Auto Check - Enter a VIN for a free history record check
Who2 Homepage Find Famous People Fast!
Atomica: One source for integrated answers on demand. Just type in any topic and click "Answer"
Yahoo - New York Times Digital Partners With Google to Enhance Search Results On and When a user conducts a search on, a page of article results is generated with links to current and archived articles. Google's Web-wide search results will appear below these links, providing users with access to the most relevant search results from billions of Web pages. Google's sponsored links will also appear, to help users find related products and services.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Parenting - Editors' Picks: Subscription Websites Unlike most regular sites, subscription ones offer ad-free content and no danger that your child will click a link to a web page that's inappropriate
Dumb Laws Keep in mind that this is an entertainment site, we wouldn't recommend using our laws as evidence in court, unless you'd like the judge to laugh you into jail!
Unforgettable Languages The language courses that teach you to remember what you learn.
If DTV's Busted, So Is the Budget If broadcasters fail to turn on their digital signals in 2006, legislators will see a massive budgetary shortfall. When they passed the Balanced Budget Act in 1997, they counted on the proceeds from the future sale of digital spectrum.
Rivals Lobby Against Orbitz Orbitz, which has an IPO pending, is owned by American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental, Delta and Northwest Airlines.

Monday, August 05, 2002

Hotel Room Liquidation Search Engine Live Today is a hotel room liquidation website that offers bargain rates at thousands of properties spanning more than 1,200 destinations worldwide.
SEC Launches Web Site To Provide Links to CEO, CFO Certifications The Securities and Exchange Commission this week posted to its Web site a list of the 947 companies whose top officials are required to file sworn statements attesting to the accuracy of the companies' most recent annual and quarterly financial reports.

Friday, August 02, 2002

EDGAR(R) Online(R) Limits Services on FreeEDGAR EDGAR(R) Online(R), Inc. (Nasdaq: EDGR) today announced it is limiting the amount of free information available on its FreeEDGAR Web site.
Will Printing Office Be Inked Out? ( But soon one of the nation's biggest publishing operations may be printing news of its own demise. All 130 federal departments and agencies using the GPO have been ordered by the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to arrange their own printing beginning Sept. 1.
Travel Leisure | Information and Resources for Travelers Who is delivering the best in travel—right now? To find the answer, we've been surveying Travel + Leisure readers since 1996
Curious and Useful Math tricks and rules for quickly calculating certain types of math problems. There are also some entertaining trivia and math facts that are nice to slip into casual conversation.
Everyday Chemistry Experiments you can do at home in your kitchen!
Desert Plants & Wildflowers Index - DesertUSA contains images, stories, movie and audio clips, virtual reality tours and hard data about, virtually any desert-related topic
WHAT'S THAT STUFF? Award recipient of the
Scientific American 2002 Sci/Tech Web Awards
no flying, no tights -- graphic novel reviews for teens This site is specifically devoted to presenting graphic novel reviews for teens and those who work with them, including librarians, teachers, and parents.
Natural Learning Select a letter of the alphabet below for a corresponding Fingerplay
BBC NEWS | Health | Fresh fears over mobile phones A major study into the safety of mobile phones has concluded that they may affect the health of people who use them.
An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology Modern English words whose origins reach far back into Ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Characteristics of Health-Related Web Sites Identified by Common Internet Portals Consumers who search for online health information are most likely to access the first few sites listed by a search engine. The content of such sites, however, has not been well described.
InformationWeek > Online Recruiting > NACElink Offers Grads Low-Cost Job-Search Option > July 12, 2002 In a move sure to shake up the market for online recruiting of college graduates, the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the nonprofit E-recruiting Association Inc. last week said they're developing a Web site that will replace the exclusive contracts many schools have with other online recruiting vendors.
InformationWeek > War On Terrorism > FBI Passes On Hijacked Al-Qaida Web Site > July 30, 2002 A Maryland man took over what's billed as a prime communication site, but a lumbering FBI eventually said 'no thanks.'
The 30-second rule The average American users wait about 30 seconds the first time they look at a new home page.
"The Recent Downturn is Proof Positive of Our Reserach" "...The markets had, for a short time, forgotten who is king of this economy, the consumer."
Is This a Good Time to Buy a PC? A recent Forrester survey of over 9,000 consumers found that PC penetration has nearly reached its limit for home users. For the most part, then, it's a buyer's market.
TechTV | Faster Chips With Chicken Feathers The feather fibers are stripped from the quills, pressed together into mats, mixed with a special type of soybean oil, pressed again into hard boards, and then cut down into small boards for circuits.
Googling AOL While the DOJ Probes The new AOL Search has been tweaked to provide results from Google's massive index of billions of Web documents and from within AOL's own system, the first time a search engine would index both at the same time.