Saturday, November 30, 2002

Holiday Toy Recall Checklist The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is alerting consumers that they may have bought children's items that have since been recalled.
internet users statistics, use Internet statistics and research with loads of links to other sites, research papers and results and statistics on Internet demographics and research.
Author Pseudonyms author pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, noms des plumes, maiden names... etc.

Friday, November 29, 2002

Image Collection @ The National Geographic Image Collection licenses still imagery to professional stock photography buyers.
1st Sedation Dentist - National Directory of Sedation Dentist - Anxiety Free Dentist - Sleep Dentist. Click here for a great Sedation Dentist in your town!
Technorati: Web Services for bloggers. Simply type in a URL of a blog, website, or interesting article on the web, and Cosmos will tell you which bloggers are linking to the URL.
Make Stuff - The 'You Can Make It' site for crafts, hobbies, entrepreneurs and people who just like to make stuff! We've got all kinds of recipes, formulas, craft projects and ideas that you can make yourself.
Cookin' With Google Gimme a couple of ingredients
News Is Free This site collects headlines from 3724 sources around the web and lets you manage them in new ways.
Census Finder - Links to all the FREE census online 10,412 links to free census online. We have compiled this directory of census links to help you locate free census records online.
Identity Theft: Cases and Scams If you are disputing fraudulent debts and accounts opened by an identity thief, the ID Theft Affidavit now simplifies the process. Instead of completing different forms, you can use the ID Theft Affidavit to alert companies where a new account was opened in your name. Our goal is to provide you with the very best deals available through government auctions on-line.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Outspoken senator questions Homeland Department "Osama bin Laden is still alive and plotting more attacks while we play bureaucratic shuffleboard," Byrd told the Senate. "With a battle plan like the Bush administration is proposing, instead of crossing the Delaware River to capture the Hessian soldiers on Christmas Day, George Washington would have stayed on his side of the river and built a bureaucracy." - financial strength ratings Financial strength ratings represent an analysis of a wide variety of risks that could affect an insurer's long-term survival. A massive database that the government will use to monitor every purchase made by every American citizen is a necessary tool in the war on terror, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
News: Google, Amazon take lead in Web services Amazon, Google and other Web companies have begun giving developers direct access to their databases so developers can create their own "front doors" and other paths to information, such as book listings and search results. These custom APIs (application programming interfaces) allow developers to tailor such content to their specific needs.
Link-Up Digital — November 15, 2002: College Classes Online Have you considered going to college via the Internet? Of course, you have. Why wouldn’t you want to cozily sip a cup of coffee, bathrobe tied loosely around your waist, while earning higher-education credits for business or pleasure? This article will show you how to get started.
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - Google's Next Runaway Success But AdWords Select's real genius is the unheard-of value it provides to advertisers. They pay for actual clicks on their advertisements, not each appearance of the ad.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Office Depot Online - Free Downloadable Forms These documents are free to download and customize for your own professional use. - Parents Section Barbie is getting a new career. What should it be? Librarian? : A Look at Libraries and the Web One in five people from low-income households depends on the library for Internet access.
The Internet Report: Teaching Kids To Surf For Themselves - Scene_1 So it's important for parents to spend time with their children when they are surfing the Internet to help them find what they are looking for and read to them if need be -- as well as protect them from inappropriate content.
Self-service library opens in Sengkang - NOV 24, 2002 There will be no service counters and only one staff librarian will be based there; volunteers will help run the place.
American Libraries: Technically Speaking, 12/02 A number of public libraries recently announced they have taken the wireless plunge.
American Libraries: News for November 25, 2002 The Dot-Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002, which would establish a family-friendly kids area for children 12 and younger within the .us domain, got congressional approval November 15.
American Libraries: News for November 25, 2002 The homeland security legislation passed by the Senate November 19 includes a provision that gives greater latitude to providers of Internet services—including libraries—to turn over information about their users if they believe an emergency situation exists.
NPR : Library for Kids Goes Online Web Site Serves Up Hundreds of Children's Books - Teaching Aid Has Whale Of A Mistake A retraction was later posted on the company's Web site with an explanation that the false information came from a different Internet site intended as a joke.
EdgarIQ: New SEC Research Tool To find filings for a specific company or companies, type the company name, ticker symbol or CIK in the 'Find company filing(s)' query box.
New Scientist "Imagine being able to run a Google-like search on your life," says Gordon Bell, one of the developers.
DDN | Piqua’s library has to flesh out its own Web site Oda said he never gave much thought to the library's name — named 70 years ago for businessman Leo Flesh, who donated the money for the library's current location. But Net Nanny, a filter the library uses on all the children's department computers, did not care much for "flesh" linked to "public." - Hot laptop burns scientist's penis - Nov. 22, 2002 Laptops have always been a hot item but a 50-year-old scientist did not realise to what extent until he burned his penis.
PBGC Pension Search If you worked for a company in the past that went out of business or ended its defined benefit pension plan, you may be entitled to pension money.
Job-Hunt.Org, Award-Winning Jobs and Job Search The Super-List of the Web's best Careers, Jobs, and Job Search Sites.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Vanguard - Test Your Investment Knowledge Some 1,000 investors completed the 20-question 2002 Vanguard/Money Investor Literacy Test in May and achieved a mean score of 40%, which is a modest improvement over the 37% score on a similar test administered by Vanguard in 2000. Take our test and see how you measure up!
Google Directory - Recreation > Travel > Transportation > Air > Consolidators Cut-rate airline tickets - Nursing Home Compare - Home Welcome to Nursing Home Compare. The primary purpose of this tool is to provide detailed information about the past performance of every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country.
Retire on Your Terms So get the best advice possible. Make a plan. Retire on your terms.
Esquire : The Father of Freebay Craigslist is ugly. It is ranks of pale-blue links on a field of gray. No pictures, no icons, no banner ads. Yet under the watchful eye of demiurge Craig Newmark, has become the single most useful commerce site on the Internet. was founded in January 2002 as the web-based filmmaker and screenwriter's community of record - an interactive mechanism for the purpose of discovering and showcasing new and unique talent.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Welcome to BRB Publications Listed below are over 1,330 state, county, city and federal (court) URL's where you can access public record information for free.
Full Text Databases Thank you for visiting the Free Resources portion of our site. This section allows librarians to tap into some valuable information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are three main components included in this section, each of which is updated on a regular basis. an anecdote Perhaps Google just has its own niche that is fully separate from the public libraries, but I personally feel that we're sunk if people start to treat reference questions and interactions as if they were supplier/consumer interactions.
US Supreme Court to decide library Net filtering case The high court is not likely to decide the case until next year.
Shoddy search prevents worker success - Tech News - According to the study, titled "Designing Usable Intranets," the group estimates that a poorly designed intranet can cost an average company with 10,000 employees $15 million per year in lost productivity.
Google Directory - Arts > Literature > Electronic Text Archives Electronic Text Archives

Friday, November 15, 2002

Yahoo! News - Michael Jackson Turns Up Late for Calif. Court Case Web services said the close-up pictures -- a rare glimpse of Jackson off-stage -- were some of the most viewed of the last 24 hours.
Carnegie Science Center Welcome to the world of Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body, a science-in-disguise exhibition where kids get the answers to many of the slimy, oozy, crusty, stinky questions they absolutely love to ask about the human body.
The World of Reading Book Reviews by Kids, for Kids
The Journalist's Toolbox: Public Records Not all public records are available online, but some of the pages below can tell you how to access them by steering you to the proper office. Some of the sites have an annual or one-time search fee.
Welcome to The Big Cartoon DataBase The Internet's Largest Searchable DataBase of Cartoons, Episode Guides and Crew Lists!
World Wide Web Research Tools About the author: Robert Harris is a writer and educator with more than 25 years of teaching experience at the college and university level.
A World of Books: Annotated surveys of noteworthy books (Library of Congress) A World of Books is a series of annual pamphlets first started in 1998. Each year the Library's foreign area specialists identify some of the most important and interesting books published abroad that an American public may have overlooked.
Study Finds Expectation of Humor Has Biological Effect on Body Yes, even looking forward to a happy, funny event increases endorphins and other relaxation-inducing hormones as well as decreases other detrimental stress hormones, a UC Irvine College of Medicine-led study has found.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

WbW White Paper: Information (and E-mail) Overload We know SPAM - mass commercial e-mail from outside that clogs up our inbox. But alongside SPAM we're seeing something equally time-wasting and annoying, again named after a popular canned food.

Saturday, November 09, 2002 borrow unlimited paperback novels The books you select arrive at your doorstep along with a prepaid return mailer.
HealthChoices -- report cards to help you compare and choose health plans Look for the NCQA seal of approval and use our free Health Plan Report Card to find the best health plan for you and your family.
ebrary: News & Events: Press Release The new Bowker-ebrarian research database—accessible from® and®—will provide simultaneous, multi-user access to a searchable collection of full text from more than 13,000 books and other authoritative content derived from 130 of the world’s leading publishers.
Magazines to publish on tablet PC - Tech News - Six major magazine publishers, including Forbes and the New Yorker, plan to don a new image for tablet PCs, creating digital facsimiles of their periodicals
Kim Blank'sWordiness, Wordiness, Wordiness List If You've Written This . . .You Should Have Written This . . . - News Directory and Resources Guide News Information Resource. Helping You Find The News On The Topics of Todays World.

Friday, November 08, 2002

Online job listing an ID theft scam The scam is thorough, and sinister. The form Jim showed even asked applicants to supply a four-digit number that would act as a password, promising access to a special Web site full of potential company projects. The request sounds innocent enough, but it’s clearly designed to take advantage of the fact that most people use the same passwords for all their personal accounts, so any 4-digit number supplied by an applicant would likely double as the PIN attached to their debit card.
Fake INS Web sites trick immigrants This looks like a U.S. government Web site, but it's not. It's really a service designed to convince Green Card hopefuls to pay a fee to enter the free Green Card lottery.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

AARP Learn the Internet Home By working through this Learn the Internet program, you will find out how to do many useful things.
Gale ReferenceLink Brings Dialog Back to Public/Academic Library Market The newly announced Gale ReferenceLink will offer approximately 50 databases out of Dialog’s more than 600, plus some 1,500 full-text sources from an abridged version of Dialog NewsRoom. The product will employ a single user-friendly interface that emulates Gale’s own InfoTrac interface.
Information Technology and Libraries vol.21, no.2 My wish would be that the interface of the library's resources would look like Google, and it would operate that simply.
Business 2.0 - Web Article - Grokker's Million-Dollar View Grokker takes categorized search results or other metadata XML documents, for example, or results from catalogs like Amazon (AMZN) or the Open Directory Project) and presents them in a gorgeous display of colored circles, which show the categories that the results fit into...But if you want Grokker, you'll have to pay for it. Even the buggy preview version will cost you $99.
Best Free Reference Web Sites 2002 This is an annual series initiated under the auspices of the Machine-Assisted Reference Section (MARS) of the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) of ALA to recognize outstanding reference sites on the World Wide Web.
My Way My Way does not present its users with pop-ups, banners or any other non-text advertising. Nor does My Way send email to its users.
Google: What's it Worth to You? After six months of testing, Google this morning publicly launched a new paid search service to help users who don't have the tech savvy or time to perform Web searches of their own.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Martindale's Reference Desk: The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line: Science A-Z Currently the Calculators On-Line Center contains "16,470" Calculators
Prehistoric Fiction A literary genre? Publication statistics, and such phenomenal success stories as Jean Auel's Earth's Children series suggest that it may be so.
Easy-to-read Health Information These are links to good places on the World Wide Web. Most of them have pictures.
CollectiveGood mobile phone recycling CollectiveGood is the mobile phone recycling resource.
The New York Times Learning Network The New York Times Learning Network is a free service for students in grades 3-12, their teachers and parents. The site is updated Monday through Friday throughout the year. - Web Savvy: Read Any Good E-Books Lately? What e-book marketers didn't know, Joe Public could have told them right from day one. Almost no one wants to read a novel-length book on-screen--no matter whether it's on a handheld PC, a notebook, or a special e-book device. Education: E-Learning We surveyed over 2,000 traditional colleges and virtual universities to compile our E-learning directory.
Customer Respect Customer Respect Report Finds 37 Percent of Fortune 100 Offer No Reply To General Inquiries Submitted to Their Web Sites.
BW Online | October 30, 2002 | The Day the Net Nearly Choked Someone (or some group), somewhere -- exactly who remains unknown and at large -- activitated a command that told a still unclear number of computers to start bombarding the 13 root servers with so called ICMP (Internet control message protocol) messages.