Saturday, May 24, 2003

SBA - E- business Institute - Homepage The E-Business Institute is a virtual campus housing free training courses, workshops and knowledge resources designed to assist entrepreneurs and other students of enterprise.
Google dance explained Approximately once a month, Google update their index by recalculating the Pageranks of each of the web pages that they have crawled. The period during the update is known as the Google dance.
Well Connected - The Center for Public Integrity Curious about who owns your local media, telephone and cable company? This searchable database contains basic information on every radio and television station in America as well as every cable television system and telephone company.
The New York Times: Movies Browse or search more than 5,000 New York Times movie reviews. Included in the free review archive are all films reviewed since 1983, reviews of all Best Picture Academy Award winners, as well as a selective list of the 1,000 Best Movies.
Technology Review: MIT's Magazine of Innovation When a user focuses his attention on a button, it becomes highlighted, and when the user successfully focuses on clicking the button, it emits a low tone.
The Report The Report is a different kind of bestseller list. It's a measure of the most sought after out of print titles in America.
Genealogy Research Guidance Select a research help using the alphabetical list Most of these Map sites also have extensive country and regional maps.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Community Information By Zip Code
NewsNow: The UK's #1 News Portal Automatically searching 9173 news sources every 5 minutes
ebrary, Inc. If you do not yet have free access to ebrary’s database collections through your library, this site’s for you. Discover over 20,000 full-text books in multiple academic and general interest subject areas, sheet music titles and reports.
Social Security Administration Delivers Most Popular Baby Names for 2002 The top ten boys and girls names for 2002 All Eyes on Google Watch out: Microsoft wants in.
Directory of open access journals This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.
Queen of clubs Paid facilitators introduce once-informal reading groups to more sophisticated literature
WebJunction an online community of libraries and other agencies sharing knowledge and experience to provide the broadest public access to information technology.

Friday, May 16, 2003

AuctionDrop Welcome to AuctionDrop, the first retail location dedicated to providing a simple, fast and convenient way for you to sell your stuff on eBay. Simply drop it off at one of our convenient locations and we do the rest.
Business 2.0 - Web Article - Unplug That Projector! I've found PowerPoint presentations to be superficial ways of delivering information. They are not actual presentations; they are, in fact, speaker's notes on which a real presentation should be built.
Uncovering the 'Spy' Network: Is Spyware Watching Your Library Computers? It is so devious that it could be installed and running on your computer without your even being aware of it.
US SEARCH Enter the last known information on the person you are searching for
JAMA -- Abstracts: Baker et al. 289 (18): 2400 Although many people use the Internet for health information, use is not as common as is sometimes reported. Search engines make us dumb Search engines add huge value in facilitating the rapid and effective retrieval of known information, but to put our faith in this technology disempowers us.
xrefer - Showcase becomes Bigger, Better xreferplus When we launched the showcase three years ago in what was then a nascent industry, we thought we could support the free service through advertising revenues. Like so many other online ventures, we've learnt that the old-fashioned practice of charging for content is by far the healthier choice. - exercise - weight loss - golf fitness Personalized exercise programs based on your goal and current fitness level

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Apple's online music coup ignites a budding industry At 99 cents a download with virtually no restrictions on how and where the songs can be played, Apple's service for Macintosh users is proving to be the most promising alternative yet to free, pirated music.
Wireless Librarian The purpose of this page is to provide a space for documenting my experiences using wireless and to provide resources for other libraries and librarians going through the wireless experience.
CBS News | Your Private Life For Sale | May 7, 2003 Did you ever wonder how telemarketers get your name and number?

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Consumer WebWatch: An In-Depth Examination of Leading Hotel-Booking Sites Consumer WebWatch is continuing the work of the Consumer Reports Travel Letter by conducting controlled, real-time, head-to-head testing of online travel sites, in order to determine which sites offered the most thorough displays and lowest rates for hotel rooms.
College Search Engine - COLLEGE SEARCH ENGINE
Search for a college by location, major, and degree program. Borrow unlimited paperback novels.
Untangling the Web - Nutrition Action Healthletter To save you the aggravation, we searched the Web for reliable, consumer-friendly health and nutrition sites.
Google Hacks: Shrinky Search! Shrinky Search takes your Google query, makes an URL for it, and then runs it through the MicroURL service ( ) to give you a small URL, suitable for passing on to a mailing list.
HighWire -- Free Online Full-text Articles HighWire Press is the largest archive of free full-text science on Earth!
Yahoo! News - Typing Monkeys Don't Write Shakespeare Researchers at Plymouth University in England reported this week that primates left alone with a computer attacked the machine and failed to produce a single word.
The Register Google is to create a search tool specifically for weblogs, most likely giving material generated by the self-publishing tools its own tab.
Vanderbilt Television News Archive The Television News Archive collection at Vanderbilt University is the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news.

Monday, May 05, 2003

How to Find Anything Online Searching through the petabytes of fact, fiction, and rumor that make up the World Wide Web is no mean task.
Internet 800 Directory - Directory of free toll free, 800,866,877 and 888 listings of businesses by company, number and type of industry, regardless of long distance carrier. Yellow page advertising, Web pages and banners available Enter a Product or Service, a Company Name or Toll Free Number
Get Caught Reading Click on a picture to view larger and download
Amazing Feats Guinness World Records

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Microdoc News: Expert Users Move Away from Google What surprised Microdoc News was the fact that 24% of those surveyed indicated they have stopped using Google.
Professional Research Databases in the People Finder Guide Below find some of the databases professional researchers use to find information about people.
TeachingBooks Welcome to — a dynamic hub of authoritative children's literature resources that utilizes multimedia technologies to give you unprecedented access to the best children's book authors, illustrators and insightful teaching materials. -- Harold Bloom's "Western Canon" Appendices A-D of Harold Bloom's The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages
Buffett Sees Trouble for Airlines and Economy, Promise in Energy "We are going to spend $2.2 trillion this year; it's just a question of where it comes from," Buffett said. "And, frankly, I don't think enough of it comes from people like me and too much comes from people who work in our shoe factories."

Saturday, May 03, 2003

United Press International photos You are just one click away from thousands of memorable photographs captured daily by UPI's global network of photographers.
The Best of Reference 2003 NYPL's Best of Reference is an annual list of books, websites, and electronic resources selected by a committee of librarians for their usefulness in local branch reference collections.