Sunday, September 28, 2003

Web searches tap databases The key to the method is software, dubbed DbSurfer, that permits free-text searches on the contents of relational databases. Data stored in relational databases is ordinarily accessed using queries structured to match the organization of the database.
Harry Potter series tops list of most challenged books four years in a row The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom received a total of 515 reports of challenges last year, a 15 percent increase since 2001.
The 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers List 2003 Complete profiles that describe the programs and practices that make each company a winne
Best Business Schools From Forbes
Web Style Guide Online version of a book with the same name, demonstrates the step-by-step process involved in designing a Web site.
How to clean anything Free cleaning hints for in and around the house
OCLC takes legal action to protect Dewey® trademark Background on that legal action.
Google's Search by Location Focus your search on a specific geographic location.
Movie Target Resource for movie Web sites
Schools set rules on classroom gadgets Handheld devices remain verboten in most classrooms, but that doesn't mean students aren't quietly tapping away under their desks.
Customer service? Where's the service? But it's rarely people who help people anymore. It's machines. And computers. And automated recordings

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Book Report How four magazines you've probably never read help determine what books you buy.
Dewey Decimal owner sues 'Library' hotel The nonprofit library cooperative that owns the Dewey Decimal system has filed suit against a library-themed luxury hotel in Manhattan for trademark infringement.
National Book Month Embark on the journey of a lifetime, travel to exotic places, mythical lands and experience adventure beyond imagination.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

WhittleBit WhittleBit works much like most other search engines, except it can help you to refine your searches by allowing you to give positive or negative feedback on each search result.
PowerPoint Is Evil The standard PowerPoint presentation elevates format over content
Free Medical Journals The Free Medical Journals Site is dedicated to the promotion of free access to medical journals over the Internet. This Web site features Car Information provided by consumer advocate & auto expert Mark Eskeldson, author of What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know.
Webgrammar Need help with spelling, grammar, homonyms, punctuation, capitalization, and style?
America’s longest running sports publication to be available online Cold North Wind, Inc. and Sporting News, Inc. have announced an agreement to provide the archives of the 117 year-old Sporting News online.
Certification Requirements for 50 States Teacher certification requirements
“Beloit College Mindset List” Across the nation, students are entering colleges and universities with their own perspectives on the times in which they live. Most of them were born in 1985.
Reader's Advisory Here are some sites that will help the readers advisor to help the library patron find a good book to read.
An Open Source Search Engine Nutch could rewrite the rules of search development -- especially with an impressive roster of Internet luminaries now lining up behind it.

Argali White & Yellow Search multiple telephone and email directories in a single mouse click
Death to eBooks? In a surprise move, has stopped selling eBooks.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Baby boomers still prefer printed page "The young tech elite are roughly even as to how they get their news, through newspapers and online, and for the older generation, it's very clearly old media," said Horrigan, who is Pew's senior research specialist.
Google celebrates fifth birthday Now Google is a noun, adjective and verb.
Passwords multiply as users' rage rises In the digital age, people are on the verge of "password rage," frustrated with the abundance of codes they are required to memorize to secure their various networked devices.
Best 351 Colleges The rankings for 2004 are in and this year we've added 6 new schools
Librarians to the Rescue New Action Figure Salutes Unsung Heroes
Search Engine Size Wars & Google's Supplemental Results At the same time Google posted new size figures, it also unveiled a new, separate index of pages that it will query if it fails to find good matches within its main web index.