Saturday, October 25, 2003

Search Inside the Book Now instead of just displaying books whose title, author, or publisher-provided keywords match your search terms, your search results will surface titles based on every word inside the book
Dear customers Search inside the book
TAKE BACK YOUR TIME DAY Nationwide initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and relationships, our communities and our environment.
Shorter URLs These services allow you to create shorter URLs, which are easier to remember and work better in e-mail
What is Mini-ITX? Mini-ITX motherboards are very cheap. But they are powerful enough to play back full screen video through their monitor or TV output. Mini-ITX motherboards are very small. The specification requires that the boards are 170mm x 170mm (6.75" x 6.75")
Is Wi-Fi Bad for Your Health? According to a lawsuit filed in a suburb of Chicago, continued exposure to 802.11 signals might be causing damage that could result in memory loss or other neurological harm, at least in relation to children. The suit, filed against the Oak Park school district by some concerned parents, may well be the first ever to contend Wi-Fi could be a physical danger.
Google Further 'Defines' Search Users type the word "define," then a space, and the word or phrase they want defined into the search pane. If Google has seen a definition on the Web, it retrieves and display it on a results page. The commands "what is" and "definition" also work.
Amazon Unveils Full Text Searches A shopper looking for a book about space travels can simply enter a keyword like "journey into space" and find all books at that contain that phrase term in the text.
Google 'nearly ready' to float "An initial public offering on the sort of scale Google is reportedly contemplating would be by far the biggest share launch since hi-tech markets turned sour three years ago."

Sunday, October 19, 2003

ConsumerReports adds 'buy' button The Web site, which like the magazine offers independent reviews of everything from cars to washing machines to mobile phones, has introduced a pilot program to allow consumers to make purchases online through comparison shopping site
Faster, better, with less junk A new way of sorting and delivering electronic information could help business cut through the information glut and speed up systems, the Australian developers say.
Don’t Become a Victim of Identity Theft Now that you’ve gotten the daylights scared out of you, rest assured that by the very fact that you’re reading this right now, chances are less likely that you’ll become victimized
The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies Access official statistics collected and published by more than 100 Federal agencies without having to know in advance which agency produces them.
Census Finder 18,250 links to free census records online.
Bubble bursts for electronic books But the reader's love affair with the printed word is far from over because, as Chris Barnard, technology analyst at IDC consultancy, concluded, "One problem is that e-books are up against a very established technology, namely books. And most people are very happy with that technology".
Halloween 2003 The facts
YAHOO! INTRODUCES SMARTSORT TECHNOLOGY Quickly and easily find personalized product recommendations via an individual preference ranking technology
Blog noise achieves Google KO If you've never heard of the "Trackback", or ever wanted to know, then we have bad news: you're about to become acquainted, whether you like it or not, dear Google user.
WHO'S WHO IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Need biographical information on the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee? Where did John Ashcroft get his law degree? Here it is with much more.
RedLightGreen Locate the most important books and other research materials in your area of interest, and find out whether what you need is available at your favorite library.
Using Primary Sources on the Web Students and researchers now have greater access to primary source materials for historical research than ever before.
Presidential Launch Pad E-Democracy's top 50 links by candidate
All Consuming Website that watches weblogs for books that they're talking about, and displays the most popular ones on an hourly basis.
Free Online Typing Course Guided lessons to learn step-by-step from the beginning. Web-based course. No downloads required.
Career Voyages Start exploring career options - whether you are in high school, have graduated, have a vocational certificate, have a 2-year or 4-year college degree, or have knowledge and skills acquired through training centers, on-the-job training, or work experience.

Monday, October 13, 2003

September 2003 TIP OF THE MONTH Bookmarklets: Nifty Tools a Mouse-Click Away
Statistics Resources Latest resources and sources
Google Testing Frequent Searcher Program Although it's not generally available yet, the counter has been the subject of discussion in several online forums

Sunday, October 12, 2003

A new kind of worker Organisations are finally beginning to recognise that information literacy is a key skill for their staff.
Transition to the 13-Digit ISBN for U.S. Publishers There is concern in the U.S. publishing community that the transition from a 10-digit to 13-digit ISBN will be a costly endeavor that must be completed by January 2005
Top 100 Movie Lists Non-profit site dedicated to film fans in pursuit of finding, recommending or categorizing their favorite films of all-time.

Monday, October 06, 2003

How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet The Internet has unquestionably been a "Good Thing" for libraries, allowing them to offer a collection of news and documents and art and music no single library could ever have afforded. It has allowed librarians to deliver magazines, newspapers, books, catalogs, and even virtual reference, 24/7/365. Yet I still notice that virtually all the difficulties librarians have experienced in the last few years were unintended consequences of this Good Thing.
Family Source Family Source was developed to provide families with a simple way to access relevant, family-friendly information and services.
Library Wants to Put Chips in Books Library officials approved a plan Thursday to install tiny radio frequency identification chips, known as RFIDs, into the roughly 2 million books, CDs and audiovisual materials patrons can borrow.
Assignment calculator Developed by the University of Minnesota Libraries

Sunday, October 05, 2003

What is in it? This is the only site with information on PRODUCTS you consume everyday, along with a comprehensive listing of the sources of common INGREDIENTS
The SEC Mutual Fund Cost Calculator The Mutual Fund Cost Calculator enables investors to easily estimate and compare the costs of owning mutual funds.
Fazzle New meta search
Napster Marks Comeback with Oct. 9 Test Debut Napster, the pioneering song-swap service that was shut down for copyright infringement, is coming back next week to face the music as a paid site in a vastly changed online music arena.
Symantec: Viruses Becoming Faster, More Complex Hackers are using "blended threats" that combine the capabilities of different types of viruses to carry out their attacks.