Sunday, January 25, 2004

OCLC is making some 2,000 records available through Google Here's the OCLC WorldCat record you can find through Google for the Da Vinci Code.
Web Stars: Best of the Web The Web has been around long enough that even the most adventuresome surfer might end up in a rut, always using the same sites to get work done. So we put up the periscope to scan for the best newcomers and compared them to the Net's stalwarts.
Finding People Resources and Sites is a Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by the Virtual Private Library™. It is designed to bring together the latest resources and sources on an ongoing basis from the Internet for finding people.
Goofresh Google offers a date-based syntax, but you can only access it via the advanced search, which limits your time options, or the daterange: syntax, which uses Julian dates and is a bit difficult to use. Goofresh is a way to search for sites added today, yesterday, within the last seven days, or last 30 days.
Eurekster Eurekster Inc. is a privately-held US company with offices in San Francisco and New Zealand. Eurekster ( is the only Internet search engine powered by social networking technologies - delivering results that matter most to users and their networks of friends and contacts.
Author interviews At
Atlas Printable Maps Need just a simple prepared map that you can print at home, at school, or in the office?
North American Numbering Plan Quick information about a specific area code
xISBN xISBN supplies ISBNs associated with individual intellectual works represented in the OCLC WorldCat database. Give it an ISBN, and it returns a list of associated ISBNs.
Out-Googling Google Grokker 2.0 converts text lists of search results into a map of floating spheres and other graphical representations.
Consumer Sentinel International law enforcement fraud-fighting program

Monday, January 19, 2004

Some Hidden Google Tools "I know, I know... you're already an expert Google searcher, and you've been using Google since you were in short pants (now, that's an expression that dates me, isn't it?). But I'm still going to toss out a few tools and resources that you might not have found already." Database of plays and monologues on the internet that can be searched realistically -- not just by title or author, but by the parameters that count -- cast size, length, synopsis, and more.
Identity Theft Resource Center ITRC is a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and implementing a comprehensive program against identity theft —by supporting victims, broadening public awareness, disseminating information about this crime and decreasing the potential victim population.
STUDY WILL HELP EXPLAIN HOW PEOPLE USE ELECTRONIC INFORMATION RESOURCES "We want to know how people are choosing their electronic resources, why they are choosing some resources over others, and how they are fitting it into their personal and professional lives.”

Monday, January 12, 2004

Ivy's Search Engine Resources for Kids Search forms for the major Internet search engines for kids
Back of the Box Recipes Hundreds of favorite Brand Name recipes Extensive information from trusted sources devours the filth expunged on the mediascape 2003 in review
Google's (and Inktomi's) Miserable Failure "By now, many have learned about how a search for miserable failure on Google brings up the official George W. Bush biography from the US White House web site. Dismissed by Google as not a problem, it points out a case where the real miserable failure is Google itself."
1040 Central New IRS site for individual taxpayers
Going Deeper than Google "The new Grokker was released Monday by startup Groxis. It makes me wonder if Google really does have search as sewed up as we often assume. When you use Grokker you realize just how brain dead even the best search tools are today."

Sunday, January 04, 2004 Books / Best of 2003 Customers' and Editors' Favorites
TSNN The Ultimate Trade Show, Exposition, and Exhibitor Resource
StartupJournal The Wall Street Journal Center for Entrepreneurs
Ungoogle We at recognize that the folks at Google may have the best search engine on the internet today. In recognition we offer as a second option, searching the other major search engines besides Google in a metasearch format.