Monday, August 30, 2004

Chatango First tool for real-time, private, disposable, one-to-one communication. It works just like one of those IM products, but doesn't require a download, and is accessible from any computer
Genamics JournalSeek Largest completely categorized database of freely available journal information available on the internet
One great source -- if you can trust it "So of course Wikipedia is popular. Maybe too popular. For it lacks one vital feature of the traditional encyclopedia: accountability. Old-school reference books hire expert scholars to write their articles, and employ skilled editors to check and double-check their work. Wikipedia's articles are written by anyone who fancies himself an expert"
Cell phone use in library: $1,000 fine First-time violators will be warned, then fined $250 if they don’t comply. A second offense gets a $500 fine and a third offense gets a $1,000 fine.

Internet Activity Index (IAI) (IAI) provides a new way of looking at consumer engagement online, dividing Internet usage into four distinct activities: content, communications, commerce and search
Travel + Leisure Magazine 2004 World's Best Awards FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS, we've been asking the most sophisticated, passionate travelers we know—Travel + Leisure readers—to help us define excellence in travel by rating their recent experiences at hotels, on cruise lines, with outfitters, and more
URLinfo Tool for handling web pages: finding information about it, translating it, finding related pages, etc
Recall Toolbar Recall Toolbar creates a local (i.e., on your hard drive) index of pages when you visit them.
Google IPO? No Thanks "Here's the thing that I would fear as a Google investor: Ask Jeeves' (Nasdaq: ASKJ) algorithmic search engine Teoma already receives rave reviews for its results, and Yahoo! recently unbundled Google's search so it could feature its Inktomi technology. And wouldn't you know it, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), not one to leave nickels in billion-dollar stacks lying on the ground, will include an algorithmic search engine bundled in its next generation of Windows products, due out next year."

Monday, August 23, 2004

The Search Systems Free Public Records Directory Find business information, corporate filings, property records, unclaimed property, professional licenses, offenders, inmates, criminal and civil court filings, and much more
Reading E-Mail Safely To avoid attacks using HTML code, view your messages as plain text.
OSU Virtual Finance Library A resource that Ohio State's Department of Finance provides to academia and investors alike
Digital Camera Reviews Here are links to the latest digital camera reviews, with standard test photos, sample photo galleries, detailed measurements of shutter lag, cycle time, and battery life, and complete descriptions of the top digital cameras on the market.
CollegeNET We provide here for your convenience over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications built for college and university programs
Copyright Advisory Network Are you a librarian with copyright problems? Ask them here, and get answers from our team of copyright experts! Find cheap college books (whether they are cheap used college books or cheap new college books), by comparison shopping through all the major online college textbook bookstores
Mindswap First site on the semantic web
WordCount WordCount™ is an interactive presentation of the 86,800 most frequently used English words.
ggler a small pic before you go

Monday, August 16, 2004

Zooba Once you have selected your first book we'll rush it to you right away. In the future receive your free book of choice every month for the small monthly membership fee of $9.95 with free shipping.
Onlinenewspapers Thousands of world newspapers
Citation Machine Citation Machine is an interactive Web tool designed to assist teachers and students in producing reference citations
Life has gotten even shorter in digital age Dan Koster, Web content manager for Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina, became a minor celebrity after reporting in the spring that 15% to 20% of the 2,000 CDs in his properly stored collection suffered from what has loosely been called CD rot and would no longer play.
Free After Rebate Stores that sell products that end up being free after you send in for a rebate. Tracks the lowest price for 2361 magazines from 22 online magazine merchants, plus 35 coupons, making it easy for you to find the best deals

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Enter the World of the "Wiki" A wiki is a web-based discussion site that grows and changes at the will of the participants. People can add and edit pages at will, using a Word-like screen, without knowing any programming or HTML commands
Google queries provide stolen credit cards Simple queries using the Google search engine can turn up a handful of sites that have posted credit card information to the Web
Best Westerns of the 20th Century A panel of fifty-five individuals from twenty-two states and one Canadian province provided us with their votes for the best work and authors of the 20th century
"ONE BOOK" READING PROMOTION PROJECTS This list of "one book" reading promotion projects
Nonfiction Series Roundup Ever-expanding universe of series nonfiction for young readers
State Fair Recipes 2004 contests, past blue ribbon recipes, national winners, state fair trivia, and significant other "behind the scenes" background
FREE PUBLIC RECORD SITES FREE government searchable sites along with some important non-government sites

Sunday, August 01, 2004

HomeTownLocator U.S. Gazetteer of Physical Features, Cultural Features and Census 2000 Information
The 9/11 Commission Report National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
GlobalSpec The specialized search engine that focuses exclusively on engineering and technical information MetaSearch Engine for the Medical Search Engines
Country Based Search Engines Country search engines and regional search engines - currently a total of 2,086 search engines and 216 countries, territories and regions.